The 2011 reunion was held at Rickmansworth Golf Club 

Colin Knight writes -

"When we left St. Nicholas Grammar School, Northwood, we became ‘old boys’. When you are 18 years old that expression has a completely different meaning compared to the over sixties crowd that met at a Rickmansworth golf club yesterday. As I understand the development of the reunion, Chris Prior, a long time expat, had been in touch with Geoff Horn and said he and his wife would be in Blighty for the first time in years. Geoff took the initiative and contacted all those of our school era that he could find and the word was passed on. It was amazing how you could recognise instantly people who you haven't seen for 45 years! It was a most enjoyable occasion and afterwards I was also able to meet Ken's wife Brenda. We had last met about 40 years ago. All three of us were in the same primary school class at the age of five - Lady Bankes Junior School, Ruislip Manor.

Suspects from left to right: Peter Ross, Malcolm Money, Tony Westray, Colin Knight, Chris Prior, Nick Kohl, Geoff Horn, Ray Dean, Ken Davies, Richard Wyse."


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