19th January 2023

SNOBS Lunch 19th January 2023 - Table Layout
With thanks to Mike Shammas for these photos

The 2022 annual reunion lunch will be held on Thursday 19th January, 2023 at The Barn Hotel, Ruislip.
* * *

We're making final arrangements for our lunch and greatly looking forward to meeting everyone.

When you arrive at the hotel, make your way to the Cromwell room where we will have a glass of prosecco/orange juice/water waiting for you from midday onwards. You can also pick up your name badge at the same time. A table plan will be also be on display so that you can make your way to the correct table. We have tried to seat you with others of the same or similar vintage so you will be with old friends and perhaps some new as well - you can choose which seat to have at your table with your tablemates. We also plan to have a table available when you can leave memorabilia for the perusal of your schoolmates - please don't forget to take these home with you, afterwards.

We are fortunate to have some money left for us which we have used to provide the welcome drink as well as bottles of wine, water and orange juice at each table. In addition we have put a small amount behind the bar. When that is exhausted it will revert to being a cash bar.

We will ask that everyone be seated by 12:45 and your committee will make some opening remarks (which may have to include the hotel's Health and Safety stuff - sorry) and propose a toast (or two) before lunch is served at 1 o'clock. Lunch is a hot buffet as follows:

Beef Bourguignon

Chicken Stir Fry with mixed peppers

Pasta Arabiata

Vegetable Curry

Plain Rice

Sautéed New Potatoes

Pan Fried Salmon

Mixed Vegetables (Carrots, Broccoli & Cauliflower)

Bread Rolls & Butter

* * *

Strawberry Cheesecake, Fresh Berries

* * *

Tea or Coffee with Mints

Having read through all your comments regarding dietary requirements, we think there is something for everyone but please let us know as soon as possible if you still have concerns - we'll do our best.

Between courses, if anyone would like to relate any anecdotes (this is not mandatory), you will have a captive (if not captivated) audience. Please try to limit these to 2 or 3 minutes as we don't want cold tea.

When lunch is finished, we can continue to enjoy the facilities (and the bar) until 5 o'clock.

We hope you will have a great afternoon.

If you have any questions/queries please reply to this email.


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