Informal Reunions Page

In this section I'll include a selection of photos - I'm sure most will be pub photos and this could be a big section. 

Graham James, Dick Pooley, Malcolm Newing, Brian Dimmock, Graham Parish, Martin McClelland

Names to be added

Simon Poulton, David Baker, Stephen Kinsey, Mike Shammas, Dave Sturgess, Steve Breibart, Phil Dumville

Dick Pooley, Malcolm Newing, Graham Parish, Martin McClelland, Graham James

David Banks, Graham James, Mark Huddleston, Tom Roscoe, Peter Johnston

Eric Harvey, Keith Knight, Ian Platt, Steve Martin, Dave Crombie, Steve Cooper, Richard Phillips, Simon Wayne, Chris Gowers.

1958/60 starters: Dave Lockwood, Chris Parsons, Joe Noble and Geoff ‘Stan’ Horn. 

Celebrating a hard-earned victory by England over The Pumas.
Dave Banks, Byron Mason, (Bob Mordell - Rosslyn Park & England), Tim Hughes, Tom Roscoe, Alistair Bishop

Richard and Kate Finer with Ian and Derryn Few who live in Ottawa. Richard and Ian hadn't seen each other for 64 years.


School Fair (1962)


Sporting Memories


Foreword to the First Magazine (1956)


Photos of Staff


A Visit to the British Museum (1958-59)


The Rivals (1972)