Thanks to John Watson for this fabulous photo.

65th Anniversary Lunch
October 2021

Our 65th Anniversary Lunch was delayed one year because of the covid pandemic.  It was held at Sandy Lodge Golf Club in Northwood on Friday 15th October 2021.  The cost was £37 per head.


The menu was -

Main course

Rosemary marinated rump of salt marsh lamb with classic dauphinoise potatoes, grilled tender stem broccoli, glazed star anise carrots and a red wine jus.


Bramley apple and toffee date oat crumble with fresh English custard  


Thirty five Old Boys plus ten partners attended, and the names are shown below with their table numbers.

Table 1

Gerry Miller

Ken and Ann Gathergood

Rich and Kate Finer

Mike and Jenny New


Table 2

Tony Valentine

Rob Dunning

Laurie and Thelma Spragg

Bob and Jane Butterfield

Ian and Angela Pratt

Table 3

Rex Ingram

Geoff Horn

Tony and Jackie Westray

Roger and Alison Saunders

Richard and Kerry Wyse

Table 4

Douglas Dodd

John Watson

Alan Harding

Peter Schweiger

Ian Deegan

Tim and Shirley Deacon


Table 5

Richard Jones

Pete Broadhead

Nick Moutrie

Keith Hill

Tim Hughes

Martin Searle

Julian Worker

Roly Gross


Table 6

Ian Hudspeth

Dave Robak

Keith Hallett

Stuart Woodington

Andy Cobb

Mark Chippendale

Dave Squires

Thanks to Dave Squires for these photos.


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