Pupil Photos

Just a small selection of photos of pupils, in and around the school.. or out on manoeuvres.

A great photo, this one  from 1961

Many good books in the school library.

Published Jan 1960
With thanks to Malcolm Cameron Newing for this photo

Wonderful photo. Summer 71, and last day for Head of School Brian Dimmock, Deputy Head of School Derek Warby and Senior Prefect Graham James.

What is this photo all about, and what year is it?

Is that Barry Maddams far left and Alan Grove at the back? Who are the other boys?

Photo by M Shammas. Thanks Mike.

Junior Common Room (1973/74): L-R: Unknown nose - (maybe Les Hall), Steve Shellard, Tim Robinson, Julian Grundy, Nick Eustance

c.1970. 'A' Level Geography Trip to the Lake District with Mr Cox

With thanks to Brian Dimmock for this photo

Featured elsewhere on the site but nonetheless this is a great photo - pupils, classroom, desks, chairs. Colin Brading's prefect badge is just visible so this must be 1973/74. And the clock on the wall tells me the end of the school day is just under an hour away.

Photo by M. Shammas

L-R Back: Tony Cummings, Mr Thacker, Pete Fenning, Dave Mabb, Tim Robinson, Ian Brown, Rob Kirkby.
Middle: Malcolm Thomas, Robert Pearmain, Colin Brading. Front: Julian Grundy

L to R: Roger Miller, Alan Chambers, head obscured maybe Mick Diskin, Pete McGain, Dave Brooke, head obscured, Rich Bevan, John Browning, Geoff Smith, Paul Sharpe, John Aston, Nigel Chambers, Steve Threlfall.


Photo taken about 1961.

Does anyone know who the chap is explaining cycle proficiency to some of the boys in 1958?  The handsome lad on the left is Ian Pratt (he tells me)!

Ian Pratt believes that this photograph provided by Ian Parker was taken in 1957 or 1958, and the lad second from the right is Clive Mitchem.  But who are the other boys? 


Feb 2023 update:
John Boston agrees with regard to Clive Mitchem but thinks the photo could be a couple of years later ie. 1959 or 60


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