Mr. Brian Tilbrook's note
(on designing the 50th Anniversary Tie)

The illustration above appeared in the Saint Nicholas School magazine of 1960 showing Donald Plenderleith - nicknamed 'Bomber', who designed all the original ties, badges and uniform, pushing me in my infamous white Fiat of 1938 vintage.

Now fifty years later I find myself trying to adjust the colour scheme of Saint Nicholas to a design that can be worn today. I decided not to use the school crest: wearers could be easily mistaken for being part of a travelling cathedral choir. I settled instead for symbolising the mitre by a band of silver, the money bags by three single bands of gold, and the many years of splendid Saint Nicholas life by very slim bands of gold.

On reflection, if one were attempting to design the school badge today the mitre would have to demonstrate our confused society and be extremely small, whereas the bags of gold would have to be huge. Almost certainly one of the bags would have been recycled and the other two made in China.

Saint Nicholas was a great school with so many excellent pupils, parents and staff and a very special Headmaster. I hope it will remain in our memories, and possibly in our ties, for years to come.


Here is the original note from Mr. Tilbrook

With thanks to Tim Deacon


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