Old Boys Association


*** W O R K  I N  P R O G R E S S ***

Newsletters - new additions most days as I work through the Graham Parish Archive

A note about Newsletters

The quality of the print on the Newsletters is very good. At some point I would therefore like to run the scanned Newsletters through the excellent Google OCR engine and make both the text and the scanned images available. 

The main advantage of extracting the text from the image, is that one can then utilise the built-in search engine (the small magnifying glass near the top of every page)

However, the Google OCR is not good formatting columns, tables and lists, so I will probably exclude most of the results and fixtures from the text section.

All the above is for the future - for the time being I will upload only the scanned images.

We have the following:


The Call Of The Cards (1963-64)


HM Inspection (1962)


Spoiling Park Wood (1957)


Cricket Tour (1971)


Geography Field Course (1960)


Lake District Trip - Great Gable's Revenge (1974)