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With thanks to David Hughes for the above photo

School Swimming Team 1968-69

L-R Back: P G Thomas, C M Thomas, G W Thompson, J R Hall, H Plummer, C B Gowers, G D Phillips
Middle: A Hale, D J Hughes, W E Stonebanks, H R Oliver (Capt),  D A Lewis, J G Harvey,  G S Hughes, R K Thomas
Front: R A Wignall, M J Bohling, H A Drinkwater, G Hardinges, B Nash, A R Beshaw

Circa 1973
L-R Back: Paul Thomas, Richard Thomas, Andy Hale, Nick Drinkwater, Robin Rice, Steve Drake
Front: 7, 8, Ian Rice, Barry Nash, Richard Wignall, Chris Jennings

With thanks to Guy Hadwin for the swimming medal photo

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