Commonwealth Conference


Last year on October 12th the School staged a whole day conference on "Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe", arranged by the Commonwealth Institute.

Ten local secondary and independent schools sent representatives, the final audience being 175 students and staff. The schools participating in the conference were St. Mary's. Northwood College, St. Helen's, Harrow County, Hayes, Vyners, Rickmansworth. Merchant Taylors and St. Nicholas. Brunel University Department of Education also sent along several students as observers.

A fairly regular pattern has now evolved at these conferences of speeches by guest experts, lunch, discussion groups and an open forum for questions. This year after an introduction by the Conference Chairman, Mr. T. Woodhouse, on The Commonwealth in 1967, the first main speaker was Dr. Roy Pryce of the Centre for Contemporary European Studies, Sussex University, whose topic was Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe the development of negotiations". After a short break a repudiation of much of the previous argument was made by Mr. Guy Arnold, a writer and lecturer along the theme of "Britain, the Commonwealth and Europe-the importance of Commonwealth links".

An excellent lunch was provided in the Junior Common Room by the Parents' Association, whose assistance made the conference possible, and the students were then able to divide into discussion groups around the building. The aim of such groups was to consider the evidence that had been put in the morning and in the hour allowed them to formulate questions for the main speakers in the open forum.

That several questions provoked a high degree of discussion and cross examination in the final stage of the conference indicates that they performed their allotted task well. In fact at 3.30 p.m. the proceedings were brought to a close with several participants still anxious to continue expounding their point of view. As several pledges were made by schools to support further conferences, it must be assumed that the conference had been found enjoyable and had achieved its purpose of stimulating thought and discussion on the future of the Commonwealth if Britain were to join Europe.

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