A Little of What You Fancy
(A revue in aid of Freedom From Hunger)
October 1963 and November 1965

A joint St. Marys and St. Nicholas production

October 1963

AFTER months of hard work, the director was now able to relax and contemplate future plans. I suppose most of the cast were feeling rather pleased with themselves and were certainly delighted with the response and support that they had received. For this was the flat period alter "A Little of What you. Fancy", to which teenagers, mainly from St. Nicholas and St. Mary's, had contributed. No more rehearsal rooms, upright pianos and church halls! Life had certainly been lived to the full by most of those who helped raise over £100 for Freedom from Hunger. A general feeling of apathy reigned. This musical revue had been presented with the purpose of proving that young people of today are able to get together and work on their own. They really collected together, for over seventy girls and boys worked hand during the middle weeks of last October. Now is the time to contemplate, improve and argue about new ideas.


Extract from 1963-64 School Magazine

November 1965

With thanks to Jeff Miller for this programme

A Little Of What You Fancy - Hillingdon Mirror Review, November 16, 1965

With thanks to Mike Pipe for the Hillingdon Mirror review


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