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 Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette - Friday 23 September 1955 


The first 200 pupils have moved in

TWO hundred local boys have the advantage of doing their schooling in one of the most modern grammar school buildings in the country. They are the 200 pupils of the new school three storey building at Joel Street Northwood, which was brought into use for the first time when the autumn term began last week.

The St. Nicholas School for Boys is the first grammar school to be provided for the district. Previously boys qualifying for a grammar school education in Ruislip-Northwood had to travel to Harrow and elsewhere.

The majority of the pupils live in Ruislip-Northwood, but some journey from Uxbridge, Kingsbury Ickenham and Hillingdon.

The headmaster is  Mr. Robert F. E. Watson, who lives at Hillingdon. He is a married man with two children and graduated at King's College, London, with first-class honours in modern languages, German and French. He is also a licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music.


The school opened with a staff of nine and although only 200 boys were then admitted, the school will, in time, have 550 places.

Mr. Watson, outlining the school curriculum, emphasized that ample opportunities will be provided for boys to expand their talent in practical work.

Recreational facilities, he thought, would eventually compare with any in Middlesex. Rugby, cricket, tennis and athletics would be encouraged to the full.

The large field would be shared with the proposed school for girls (St. Mary's) which is to be built at the far end of the site.

St. Nicholas is a fine building, spacious and fitted with all the latest in equipment. In addition to the pleasant entrance hall there is a large assembly hall complete with stage and excellent lighting.


Each classroom has individual desks, plenty of light and air.

Movements of one class will have little effect upon the studies of another as particular attention has been given to sound-proofing of corridors and ceilings.

The latest electrical machinery, saw benches and laboratory equipment is gradually being installed.


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