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10th August 2023, Mike Sampson writes:
The Old Boys Cricket

Pete Fitzgibbon kept it going for many years. I remember playing initially when I was too young to drink legally! We used to get picked up by Pete in his open top Zephyr or Zodiac or some similar car and off we’d go. After the game it was frequently back to a burger joint in Harrow. On one occasion we were waiting outside - probably for Pete to pay! - and we’re ‘moved on’ by the local plod. Does anyone else remember that? 

14th April 2023, Greg Powell remembers:

The Old Boys Cricket Team

Entirely the brainchild of the indefatigable Peter Fitzgibbon who brought a team into existence , organising all the Saturday and Sunday fixtures , recruited players and kept it on the road although I am not sure for how many seasons  We had no home ground so played  all away matches .

Peter organised a meeting, I guess in about 1967,  which took place in the old Geography room at the school which had also been the form room of lower VI and Middle VI Econ  in one of those modernising reorganisations of the forms that took place in about 1964/6.  (In the 5th form for GCSE we had been reorganised into 5 Modern , 5 Science and 5 general) .The meeting was the catalyst to get the teams formed and for one season I was  captain of the Sunday team without any clue about how to go about the task .

We were very average but Peter kept it going for a few years. Players I recall were, Martin Miller, Doug Root , “Biff “ Bailey, Malcolm Newing - our best quick bowler, Tony O’Sullivan, Dave Pullen and Peter himself, Derek Warby, David Chapman?, Mark Haddon? and John Sawyer and one special guest appearance by Tony Douglas, a fast bowler of great stamina. I am not sure how the team wound up and hope others might be able to flesh out the history.

Malcolm Newing replies:

Hi Greg the old boys cricket team actually soldiered on for many years. I played from about colts age with the old boys so I guess about 1967. I recognise all those names you mentioned although it was Millier not Miller, who I think was captain when I started. Dave Pullen was lead joker in the early days and he also played at Ickenham and Harefield. I played at Ickenham from about 1974 to 1978 but went back to the old boys for another 3 years. The team went on for many years after that but not sure when they finally stopped. Others on the website will be able to answer that question? I ‘ve got a picture of the team at Fulmer circa 1973 which I’ll send to Dave for the website. It has many of the names you mentioned in it.
Malcolm Newing

25th May 2023

Greg replies:

Dear Malcolm, it was a real pleasure to read your memory of the Old Boys Cricket team, but so  very sad to hear about Derek and now the news of his death following on so soon after Tony Westray.

I do remember him playing in that team as a lively and stylish batsman.

One Saturday we  had a competition, organised by Peter Fitzgibbon of course, where we played a knockout one against one, two overs, one from each end and then swop roles while everyone else fielded.

Derek went to hook and got a top edge and the ball went high in the direction of square leg where I was fielding. I ran forward, dived full length and caught it. He was probably the favourite to win it but took  his dismissal with good heart which said a lot about his cheerful and sporting outlook.

I also recall playing against you in an Old Boys v School fixture. I prodded and blocked in Bill Lawry style until you finally gave way to a left arm spinner who bowled me a full toss that I managed to hit straight to midwicket, very unlike Bill Lawry.

My memory is that you joined the Old Boys team and were the mainstay of the opening bowling.

Besides the Old Boys  I once  played in a game in Ruislip for a team organised by John Sawyer and found myself being bowled to by Rob Speck who had been the outstanding cricketer of my year group, a different class as a batter, the Captain and a leg break bowler. But on this particular evening I scored a rare 50 mostly off Rob as being left handed I kept heaving him to leg.

I have no knowledge of what happened to Rob after those school days. Would be interested to know if anyone does. I believe  that tragically  John Sawyer died in a road traffic accident not long after those school years. So some good memories but a lot of sadness which I suppose is how life is.

Very best wishes , Greg

Greg - sadly we lost three great sportsmen, all to motor accidents, in very quick succession:

John Sawyer 7th Dec 70
Peter Tween 7th May 72
Mick Barber 30th Dec 73


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