Music (1974-75)


By A. E. Smith

SPRING CONCERT Tuesday 25th March 1975

In this concert there was music to suit all tastes. S. Atkinson and C. Green sang vocal solos; and instrumental solos were played by T. Baldwin (double bass), M. Wood, R. Osborn, D. Heath and G. Hartwell (piano), N. Moutrie (recorder), D. Long and J. Goodfellow (horn), D. Murphy and M. Emerson (violin), and R. Warren (bassoon). There were also two piano duets (D. Heath and D. Mullens, G. Hartwell and N. Woolf), and instrumental ensemble playing by a group from Bec House. These individual and group items were given by boys who had done well in their sections in the recent House Music Competition, and the audience showed their appreciation of the high standard by their attention and applause.

They also enjoyed the singing of the pop cantata 'Swinging Samson' by the Choir, and the playing of both Junior and Senior Orchestras; the Junior Orchestra's performance of 'Chopsticks' and the Senior Orchestra's of Texidor's March 'Amparito Roca' were particularly enthusiastically received.

SUMMER CONCERT - Wednesday 16th July 1975

This concert was Dr. Watson's last public appearance at the school as Headmaster, and a very large and enthusiastic audience filled the hall to capacity.

At his choice, the first Orchestra played the Slow Movement of Schubert's C Major Symphony and, later in the first part Dr. Watson joined with Stephen Buckley and Mr. A. E. Smith in two movements from Beethoven's Trio Op. 1 No. 3 Appropriately, the first half ended with the finale from Haydn's "Farewell" Symphony, the players leaving in accordance with the composer's instructions.

After the second Orchestra had opened the second part of the programme, the treble choir sang songs by Vaughn Williams and Eric Thiman and a French folk song arranged by Gerald Cockshott. Their bright tone and clear diction made this one of the most attractive items of the concert.

Solos were performed by Jonathan Kirkham (oboe), Michael Emerson (Piano) and Nicholas Woolf (Clarinet) all of whom are leaving the school this year.

After the final orchestral item on the programme, the audience were en- tertained to three lighter items, Haydn's "Toy" Symphony (with staff co-operation on the cuckoo, nightingale, etc), a Trio for three pianists at one piano by W. F. E. Bach, and finally the march "Liberty Bell" with impromptu additional chorus by the First form.

A. E. Smith.


Instrument Grade Result

Jones, C. Flute 6 117 Pass
Warburton, T. Violin 5 120 Merit
Chapman, J. Clarinet 5 113 Distinction
Heath, D. Piano 8 116 Pass
Harrold, A. Violin 5 102 Pass
Heath, D. Theory 8 90/99 Pass

MARCH 1975
Russell, I. Theory 5 92/99 Pass
Heath, D. Organ 8 127 Merit
Russell, I. Organ 5 123 Merit
Moore, R. Clarinet 5 122 Merit
Mullens, D. Viola 6 112 Pass
Emerson, Mark Piano 8 121 Merit
Mullens, D. Piano 6 120 Merit
Jolliffe, S. Clarinet 8 111 Pass
Singer, P. Violin 5 115 Pass

JULY 1975
Lane, S. Theory 6 94 Pass
Grantham S. Theory 5 75 Pass
Mason, P. Theory 5 94 Pass
Sykes, D. Theory 5 95 Pass
Green, C. Theory 5 75 Pass
Neal, D. Theory 5 90 Pass
Harrold, A. Theory 5 93 Pass
Stone, R. Theory 5 90 Pass
Searle, N. Theory 5 85 Pass
Davis, H. Theory 5 75 Pass
Darrell, P. Theory 5 91 Pass
Horne, V. Theory 5 75 Pass
Limbert C. Piano 6 100 Pass
Wolff, N. Clarinet 8 113 Pass
Mellish, P. Violin 3 118 Pass
Henley, J. Violin 3 118 Pass
Russell, I. Organ 6 125 Merit
Green, C. Horn 3 106 Pass
Burland, A. Trumpet 3 100 Pass
Ashcroft, N. Flute 3 117 Pass

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