Music Notes (1971-72)


By A. E. Smith

WINTER CONCERT 3rd November 1971

This concert included Orchestral items written by William Boyce and Phyllis Tate, solos by Richard Stent (Horn) and Melvyn Evans (Flute), and a contribution from the Madrigal group.

SPRING CONCERT 22nd March 1972

The programme began with a performance of the Concerto in D for two Horns by Telemann (Pierre Meulien and Richard Stent) and the Minuet and Gigue from Bach's Partita in E major (Robert Pool, Violin).

After the interval, members of the school formed the orchestra and chorus for a concert performance of Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas''


The Madrigal group, Pierre Meulien and Richard Stent (Horns) and Robert Pool (Violin) took part in a concert by musicians from three local schools.

SUMMER CONCERT 24th May 1972

Both the Senior and Junior Orchestras took part in this concert, and there were Solos played by Andrew Jolliffe (Piano), M. Greenall (Piano) and also a trio by Andrew, David and Stephen Jolliffe (piano, flute and clarinet). The programme concluded with a miscellany which included a bagpipe solo by Stephen Buckley and a performance of Malcolm Arnold's "Toy Symphony"


Solo items were given by David Heath and Nigel Osborn (Organ), Martin Spooner (Oboe), Paul Massey (Trumpet), Crichton Limbert (Treble), David Mercer (Tenor) and Martin Spooner (Tenor) and duet items by Michael and Mark Emerson (Violins) and lain Russell and Mark Dickens (Trumpets). The collection raised £8 in aid of Oxfam.


The Junior Orchestra started and ended the programme, and ensemble items were given by David and Stephen Jolliffe (Piano) and Robert Pool (Violin), Pierre Meulien (Horn) and A. E. Smith (Piano); Richard Stent and Pierre Meulien (Horns). Graham Johnstone played a piano solo by Schumann.

MESSIAH 15th July 1972

Old Pupils, Parents and Friends came together for a lively performance of Parts 1 and 3 of Handel's best known Oratorio. The orchestra was led by Robert Pool and the chorus numbered over 70 voices.

* * *

Our congratulations go to R. Pool who was joint winner at the Royal College of Music for Junior Exhibitioners in their leaving year, and we wish him every success in his training at the College and in his future career.

N. Osborn has been appointed Organist and Choirmaster at St. Edmund's Church, Northwood Hills, in succession to lan Hooker (a former pupil at St. Nicholas School) who has been appointed Director of Music at Dr. Challoner's School, Amersham.


MARCH 1972
M. Barber Grade 4 Piano Pass
D. J. Arthur Grade 4 Piano Pass
G. Hartwell Grade 6 Clarinet Merit
J. Grundy Grade 5 Flute Pass
V. Brice Grade 5 Clarinet Merit
P. Meulien Grade 8 Horn Distinction
N. Osborn Grade 6 Organ Merit
G. Hatcher Grade 8 Organ Pass
D. Heath Grade 7 Piano Pass
D. Heath Grade 5 Organ Merit
D. Heath Grade 5 Theory Pass

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