Photo by M Shammas

Just the two gymnastics photos, I'm sure both photos were taken at the same session (R Jones, for example, has one sock 2 inches higher than the other in both photos).

Rob Dunning writes:

I reckon this photo would have been taken in either 1962 or 63. I recognise some of the boys in the photo, but they were 2 to 3 years younger than me, and I struggle, these days, to put names to boys in my year let alone younger lads. Middle front row is my younger brother, Barrie (Baz) Dunning. He took over from me as Senior Champion. I was champion in 60 and 61, and Middlesex Champion. Unfortunately, Geoff Lee didn't take Gymnastics seriously, so it was not featured highly. Pete Cahill encouraged us and asked me to arrange a display, which I did, and Doc. Watson was invited, amongst others, and, as a result, the Doc. instructed Geoff to allow us to compete and take gymnastics forward. To add a little humour to the display, Baz was hidden inside the 5 piece vaulting box. The team performed their vault. And then Baz removed the top section, complaining of a headache from all the noise created from the vaulting. Needless to say, the display was a great help in getting Gymnastics' profile promoted within the school's sports programme. 

Thanks to Pete Cannon for providing the names

Gymnastics c.1962/63

L-R Back: Mr Cahill, 2, Chris Robson, R Jones

Front: 5, Barrie “Baz” Dunning, Pete Cannon


Gymnastics c.1962/63

L-R Back: 1, Joe Taylor, Mike Woolner, Chris Robson, 5, Tim Deacon, Mr Cahill 

Front: Mike Swales, 9,10, Barrie “Baz” Dunning, Pete Cannon, R Jones, 14



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