Music (1973-74)


By A. E. Smith

As we were in the middle of the fuel emergency at this time, this service was held in the afternoon, rather than in the evening as in former years. The change of time proved a success, in that many more members of the school were present, though fewer parents were able to be there.

The combined forces of congregation, choir and orchestra took part in many of the traditional carols, while the choir and orchestra each had solo items. The combined 1st and 2rd forms sang in Bach's "Zion hears her watchmen's voices'', and they also provided the highlight of the service with a performance of a lively new setting of 'The Holly and the Ivy' by John Gardner.

WINTER CONCERT - 13th November 1973
The first half of the programme was given by members of the Junior School. There were three groups of pieces by the Junior Orchestra, as well as solos by D. Arthur (Piano), J. Chapman (Clarinet), M. Greenall (Piano) and M. Aits (Flute).

After the interval the Senior members of the school took the main part, with solos from S. Buckley (Cello) and P. Massey (Trumpet) and three pairs of piano duettists, Neil Ashcroft and his sister Linda, Nicholas Woolf and his sister Imogen, and Simon Poulton and David Heath. The Senior Orchestra played pieces by Haydn, Purcell, Holst and Handel.

KODAK BAND CONCERT - 23rd November 1973
Members of the school performed at this concert a movement from the Brahms Horn Trio (P. Meulien, Dr. Watson, Mr. A. E. Smith), a Smetana Sonata for eight hands at two pianos (Simon Poulton, George Hartwell, David Heath, Mr. A. E. Smith), a piano solo by Simon Poulton and a movement from the Bach concerto for two violins, played by the Emerson brothers.

SUMMER CONCERT - Wednesday 22nd May, 1974
The School Orchestra had the lion's share of the programme on this occasion, playing a Minuet by Haydn, the slow movement of Mozart's Second Horn Concerto (with Pierre Meulien as soloist), the Hungarian March by Berlioz, Three English Dances by Quilter, and the Emperor Waltz by Johann Strauss, the last work being encored as the finale to the programme.

Soloists in the concert were Stephen Buckley (Cello), Jonathan Kirkham (Oboe), Simon Poulton (Piano), Paul Massey (Trumpet), Nicholas Woolf (in piano duet with his sister) and Stephen Baker, playing three solos on a Psaltery which he had made himself.


1st Kevere -157 points
2nd Bec - 147 points
3rd Kings - 137 points
4th Abbots - 94 points
The Adjudicator was Mr. Arthur Haley, music master at Harrow County Boys' School, who in various comments at the end of each class paid tribute to the skill of the performers, and had many useful hints to give from his long experience in school music. Much thanks is due to the four House representatives who urged, cajoled, 'bullied' and coerced their performers to appear.

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