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Music Memories

David Olley's memories of the three boys -

"They were all good friends of mine and, in fact I sang as a solo treble with the three of them when we recorded for the BBC programme "First Attempts" on 25th October 1958. The programme was broadcast on 1st November 1958. I have attached a scan of the contract that the BBC gave me, from which you can see that the fee was huge! And they didn't pay travel expenses!

Thanks to Trevor Hyde who submitted the following information on Messrs Van Kampen and Hymas -   

"In terms of accuracy I would like to add, under Alumni the name of CHRISTOPHER VAN KAMPEN who became a professional cellist, performing on the World Stage. I recall hearing him performing on a concert broadcast by the BBC, and also appearing on many Concerts at the Royal Festival Hall. I was at school at the same time as Chris, and TONY HYMAS. My memories of Tony, particularly, centre around the fact that he and I played the piano for the morning assemblies [On a completely different topic, I don't remember House Assemblies, mentioned elsewhere. I was there from 1955 to 1961], often as piano duets. We used to get into the Hall before school started and "played through" the hymns for the day. I remember that on one occasion we'd finished a bit early with the "run through" and decided to jazz them up for our own amusement. Then, in walked Dr Watson, whose musical tastes were confined to the strictly "classical, serious" music. He was not amused and told us that if he ever heard us making that row again, we would never play any music in the school again. I did go on to gain my ARCM to teach piano, but I mainly concentrated on teaching Mathematics and Coaching Water Polo, in the Schools where I taught. I do still keep up my piano playing, but my fingers are a little less flexible these days."

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