Canal Trip (1963)


By D. F. CLARKE, U6.

PERHAPS the most remarkable feature of this trip, which took place last Easter along the Grand Union Canal, the Oxford Canal and the Thames, was that everyone came back. A number of people came into intimate contact with the murky contents of at least one of these waterways, and drying clothes was not the easiest thing to do in a confined space. The scenery of the Oxford Canal was enjoyed by all, in a sunlight which bordered on heat - that is, until an insignificant item from the "Maid Mary Sheila" - the propeller - disappeared into the impenetrable depths of "Pigeon's Lock". Mr. Jefford was organizing diving expeditions for weeks afterwards. The crew of the "Mary Sheila" soon found that being towed by the other boat, the "Robert Aikman", was considerably easier than baling out the kitchen, which was unfortunately flooded some time later. However, despite the odd difficulty from time to time, everyone enjoyed himself and felt thoroughly initiated into canal life on his return. Thanks are most certainly due to the three masters and our ex-master who organized everything so efficiently; all of them admirably proved their ability to select a suitable mooring site each evening.


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