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Item 001 - Haydon Saint Nicholas Former Pupils Newsletter No. 73

Not dated but I believe it to be late autumn / early winter 1978
Newsletter edited by former head boy Pete Stockwell, assisted by Blair Dunlop.
Includes details of Blair's misdemeanours giving rise to a 9 match ban from the Old Boys Rugby team, Ken Greenhalgh being awarded the British Empire Medal, Ian Dothie's contact lens and the very sad and untimely passing of Simon Salama.

Item 002 - 21st Annual Old Boys Seven-A-Side Rugby Football Tournament Programme (1975)

Item 003 - Exercise Books

Item 004 - Old Boys Association Raffle Tickets

Item 005 - Hymn Books


Photos of Staff


Junior Common Room (1963)


Tour 1st XV (1970-71)


School Uniform - Notice (1961)


Jonah and the Whale (1961)


The Foundation of the School (1956)