M.P. Melee (1958)



On Tuesday, 15th July, a party of six from the fifth fom, and Mr. Gosden, were fortunate enough to attend the afternoon's entertainment in the House of Commons at the invitation of Sir Charles Harris. Although, at first, conscious of our uncouth manners and appearance we found that we fitted in well with the general picture of the House: our animal instincts revelled in the proceedings.

After seeing the Speaker's procession we heard several of the more conspicuous and prominent voices from both sides of the House, in Question Time. Our choice of afternoon proved most opportune, for Mr. Selwyn Lloyd spoke on the Middle East situation.

The visit was coloured by the sight of Sir Winston Churchill and the amusement caused at the expense of Mrs. Castle. who tried to move an adjournment: one would deduce that the Commons is not the best place for the latest fashions.

Finally the visit provided food for thought this is democracy. One wonders: "What can communism be like?"


1958 School Magazine


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