School Visit to Alderney (1956)

School Visit to Alderney (1956)


It had been arranged for the party to travel to Alderney in two groups, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The meeting place was outside Northwood Hills Station. We travelled by train to Victoria and on to Croydon, where a coach took us to the Airport. In the Airport buildings I saw Douglas Bader and obtained his autograph. The De Havilland Heron Series II aircraft landed us safely on the Island where the advance party were already installed,

On the first day all we did was to walk round St. Annes, the chief town on Alderney, and have a look at the shops. The articles for sale in the shops were very much cheaper than at home because of the absence of tax.

One of the first things which had been arranged was a tour of the Island in one of the two coaches which Aldemey possessed! This gave us a general impression of the whole countryside, its one town St. Annes, and the narrow streets. It was amazing how the driver managed to negotiate these at times. A stop was made en route to go over a lighthouse. It was wonderful to see the very complicated machinery which had always to be kept in perfect working order for the safety of the shipping at sea.

On this trip we saw Telegraph Bay at the bottom of the cliffs with a drop to it of three hundred feet. It was so impressive that it was decided to return some other time and spend an afternoon there.

The only industry on Alderney is the manufacture of car silencers, the metal for which is obtained from England. In fact the only other occupation, apart from the main one of farming, is the stone works near the harbour.

Our stay on the Island went all too quickly and it was disappointing that a fishing trip had to be cancelled owing to the weather. What we did see and do was however very interesting. Perhaps it will be possible on some other occasion to return to Alderney and visit the other Channel Islands at the same. time.


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