List of all Staff

Here are the names of all those unfortunate enough to teach us over the lifetime of the school. The list has been validated, where possible, against the Staff Changes and Headmaster's Notes in the school magazines. We have included the most up to date information that we have regarding their status, if you are one of them, or if you have any more recent information, please use the Feedback button.

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Advertisement (1968) Barclays

A Career in the Bank

Never before have opportunities for young people been as promising as they are today in Barclays Bank.
Here is a brief outline of the career that awaits you.

The Bank wants young men of character and integrity, with a good standard of general education. Given these qualifications and an aptitude for the job, there is no reason why you should not find yourself a Branch Manager in your thirties, with a salary upwards of £2,100, and the chance of doubling your pay by the time you are 50. Looking ahead, you could be one of those Managers whose salary exceeds £5,000 a year - a man with a big job full of interest and responsibility. A goal worth striving for; and those who reach it will have a pension at 65 (without any contribution on their part) of £3,000 a year or more. For the early years there's a minimum salary scale for satisfactory work: £360 at 16 to £1,085 al 31 with a year's seniority for a good Advanced Level certificate and three years for degree, plus certain allowances if you work in large towns (£150 a year for employment in Central London). From 21 onwards merit can take the salary well above these figures; if the early promise is maintained the salary at 28 can be £1,280 instead of the scale figure of £955. 

For further particulars, write to the Staff Managers at 54 Lombard Street, London EC3.

Barclays Bank 

Money is our business


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