Junior Visit to Julius Caesar (1963)


By P. HEELS, 2A.

We sat patiently, waiting for the curtain to rise, glancing through the programme, or chatting with each other. We had come to see the National Youth Theatre's production of "Julius Caesar", performed in modern dress.

When at last the curtain rose, the scene set before us surprised most of us. For on the stage was a crowd of howling, screaming teenagers, many doing the twist to a juke box, bellowing out some record. Beside them stood a group of teddy boys, in black leather jackets. We knew it was to be in modern dress, but I am sure none of us expected this. Then came Caesar, and his bodyguard, all dressed in white. Somehow, they seemed to have lost the splendour and power which I think they would have had if they had been wearing the clothing of the day. The words, too, did not fit in with the modern dress, and in my opinion never could.

There was, however, some excellent acting, although sometimes the speech was inaudible. Caesar's death was done very realistically, while the funeral speeches by Antony and Brutus were very well spoken by those concerned.

After the interval we were brought to the battlefield, with Brutus at war against Antony. I am afraid, with the soldiers in modern dress, I almost forgot it was "Julius Caesar" I was watching. Gun volleys went off perpetually in the distance, while on the stage the two armies kept on entering and re-entering, making the plot very confused.

At last the curtains went down, and with a sigh we left our seats. We all agreed that, although the performance had its faults, it was certainly well worth seeing.


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