Visit to the House Of Commons


By S. J. GLEN, L.VI.

On Thursday, July 7th, a party of nine members of the Economics Lower VI, accompanied by the Headmaster and Mr. Johns, was privileged to spend the afternoon at the House of Commons at the invitation of Sir Charles Harris.

After watching the Speaker's procession we went up into the Strangers' Gallery, from where we surveyed a packed House, in which it was possible to pick out many leading personalities of both sides, including Sir Winston Churchill.

During the hour of Question Time we saw Mr. Macleod, Mr. Butler and the Prime Minister answering questions on a wide range of subjects, and the House at times showing its disapproval in no uncertain terms. At one time, when the disapproval became too vociferous, the Speaker had to step in and restore order. There were, however, some humorous moments in the proceedings, especially when Mr. Butler had a wrangle with Mrs. Castle and Mr. Grimond.

At the end of Question Time the House paused in its daily business to pay tribute to Mr. Aneurin Bevan, who had died the previous day. We were privileged to hear moving tributes from Mr. Macmillan, Mr. Gaitskell, Mr. Clement Davies and Mr. Griffiths. We left after a memorable and instructive afternoon in the Mother of Parliaments.


1959-60 School Magazine


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