Ski Trip (1970)

SKI TRIP TO Switzerland Christmas 1970

By K. J. LEE

We left Dover two days after Boxing Day. Our boat journey was rough (and I'm not joking!) We caught a train at Calais and the carriage was cold, but we warmed ourselves up with a few songs and a few hot stories on the very smooth journey to Einsiedeln. (Congratulations Swiss Railways.)

We were given a warm reception by our hostess, Marie-Terese, on our arrival at the Hotel St. Katharina. Later in the day, our skilled masters - Mr. Cahill, Mr. Clarkson, Mr. Tanner and Mr. Joiner plus pipe, took us for a trial run on the ski slopes.

Mr. Joiner showed us his party piece-how to do a kick-tum, whilst Mr. Cahill showed us the rudiments of ski-ing. (Mr. Cahill's leg is slowly improving.)

Next day we were divided into groups the experienced, the intermediate and the beginners. The last group were taken by two professionals, Joe and Paul, whose expressions such as "Keep on your inside etches" kept us amused.

Our hotel meals, cooked in wine, were most palatable, and during the evenings we dispersed to the many other hotels where we soon made good friends with the hotel owners and other school parties.

We spent an enjoyable New Year's Eve at a dance. Einsiedeln is noted for its Monastery which was quite near our hotel. We were overawed by the beautiful ornate ceiling. The Monastery is kept immaculately clean by the Monks. It amused us one evening to see a Monk taking a full running slide to descend a hill I take it that this was a habit of his!

We took a journey to Holzegg. It was a great experience travelling through the fir tree mountains on a cable car and we were really impressed by the Swiss scenery.

Our host-Herr Willy Remi had installed a small lift in the hotel to accommodate three people. Five frivolous fanatics decided to chance it after which the lift was unusable. Mr. Cahill and foot were not happy walking upstairs!

Quite a few hours daily were spent on the ski slopes and eventually we were tested to see if we had learnt anything. We were most astounded when Mr. Joiner passed his test (must have been the kick turn!). We congratulated him with a rather oversize pipe to put with his collection (the local fire brigade were warned).

Our ten days went all too quickly but it was a most enjoyable experience and we came away with memories of very friendly Swiss people; but the success of our trip was mainly due to our masters who had enough courage to take us.


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